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Stryker Dall-Miles Cable System

Dall-Miles Grip Plates
Dall-Miles Grip Plates
Dall-Miles Grip Plates

Dall-Miles Cable System

In 1985, the world’s first multi-filament orthopaedic cable, Dall-Miles was introduced by Stryker as a means of providing fixation for trochanteric reattachment procedures. Representing a single system for bridging reconstruction and trauma needs, the Dall-Miles Cable System continues to set the clinical standard in cable fixation not only for trochanteric reattachment, but also for prophylactic and supplementary cerclage fixation with plates and screws.

Features & Benefits

Not all cables are the same. Stryker has designed the Dall-Miles cable to have the right balance of yield and fatigue strength by using unique materials and processes. The instruments for trochanteric reattachment and cerclage are designed for ease-of-use and reliability.

Key advantages include:

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