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Stryker OrthoMap Versatile Hip Software and Instrumentation

OrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation Software
OrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation Software
OrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation SoftwareOrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation SoftwareNavigated Hip Reamer HandleNavigated Stem Inserter

OrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation Software

OrthoMap Versatile Hip Navigation Software is another innovation from Stryker Navigation to maximize OR efficiency. This software registers patients in the lateral position and completely removes the need to digitize the anterior superior iliac spine. By integrating the longitudinal body axis, surgeons can now compensate for potential patient-specific pelvic tilt. OrthoMap Versatile Hip software can potentially aid patient outcomes by providing improved accuracy for alignment, instrument orientation and assessments of joint stability, ROM, leg length and offset.1,2

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