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Stryker speeds the path to lifestyle recovery. Our products improve people’s lives because they undergo extensive research and testing before they are released. We provide better outcomes, safer procedures and more peace of mind for patients and their loved ones.

Get around with the new Stryker Hiker™ iPhone App!

Stryker Hiker™ is an interactive pedometer app that allows users to track their route, walking activity and calories burned through the GPS on their iPhone. The app allows users to review history with their healthcare provider.

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End your back pain

A discectomy using the Dekompressor is a low-risk procedure for leg pain (radicuclar)  that may eliminate the need for traditional surgical intervention.

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Real Stories: Joan's Hip

"I actually feel blessed. After the operation, I got married one year later, and I walked down the aisle and danced at my wedding."

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Real Stories: Fred's Knee

"To this day I am just so glad with the decision I made to have my knee replaced."

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Real Stories: Michael's Hip

All of the delays that I put into making the decision, I wish I could’ve gone back and done it sooner. I would tell anybody, if you’re in pain, there is no reason to be in pain. Talk to a surgeon, and see if hip replacement surgery is right for you."

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