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Education & Training

Patient Education
  • Single Portal Arthroscopy

    Single Portal Arthroscopy

    Stryker Endoscopy's first ever patient facing website, designed for education around the benefits of Single Portal Arthroscopy. Connect patients and surgeons with "find a physician" capabilities.
  • Stryker: Get Around Knee


    Learn about the GetAroundKnee and search for Orthopaedic surgeons in your area who have used or are familiar with GetAroundKnee.
  • About Stryker

    About Stryker

    Access information on orthopaedic health and joint replacement. Find a surgeon who can help their patients return to the activities of daily living.
  • Helping Backs

    Helping Backs

    A site dedicated to helping patients learn about Stryker’s early, minimally invasive solutions that may relieve chronic back pain and help patients get back to their active lives as quickly as possible.
  • Understand Spine Surgery

    Understanding Spine Surgery

    An educational web site sponsored by Stryker to help patients understand spine conditions and procedures.
Healthcare Professionals
  • Training Calendar

    Training Calendar

    Stryker’s NEW Education and Training calendar is now available. Learn about upcoming courses and events.
  • Stryker's Education Channel

    Stryker's Education Channel

    Stryker’s Education Channel is an interactive video-based learning site currently featuring Endoscopic procedures.
  • Stryker LEARN

    Stryker LEARN was created in 2014 as a support initiative provide educational grants to perioperative nurses. At Stryker LEARN, we are deeply committed to improving patient outcomes. By supporting the OR with access to the latest technologies, training and innovations, we aim to be the leader in providing resources to empower and advance your team.
  • Interventional Spine

    Learn about procedures, products and resources for Stryker's Interventional Spine products.
  • Stryker Europe's Medical Education

    Stryker Europe's Medical Education

    Stryker Europe’s Medical Education website offers information on more than 25 medical courses, surgeon-to-surgeon observation opportunities and country-specific contacts.
  • Plastic Surgery Hyperguide

    Plastic Surgery Hyperguide

    The Plastic Surgery Hyperguide contains tutorials in Craniofacial Trauma and Congenital: Cleft/Craniofacial Trauma.